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The bay of Bolonia, which was first settled by the Romans, is known to be the most beautiful beach on the Costa de la Luz.  Being on holidays at the Costa de la Luz, you shouldn't... view
Barbate at the Costa de la Luz is a small town mainly living of the traditional tuna fishing which has not changed within the last centuries.The up to 3m long tunas are still being caught by using... view
Cadiz Spain
Cadiz is the oldest city in Europe and founded by the Phoenicians about 3000 years ago. It later evolved to be one of the most important seaports of the ancient world.  The old town centre is... view
Jerez de la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera is the largest city in the province of Cadiz and the 5th largest in Andalusia.  Along with Sanlucar de Barrameda, Chiclana and Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez and... view
Vejer de la Frontera
Vejer de la Frontera is situated impressively on a mountain top on theCosta de la Luz bewteen Cadiz and Tarifa. The next airport is in Jerez de la Frontera. The white houses of... view
Tarifa Cadiz
The little fishing town Tarifa (Andalusia) is situated at the southern most point of the European mainland seperating the Atlantic ocean and theMediterranean sea.  You can see the... view
Conil de la Frontera
Conil de la Frontera in Andalusia is situated between Cadiz and Tarifa on the Costa de la Luz. Conil belongs to the "Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos", the... view
Canos de Meca
Caños de Meca is situated in between the villages of Barbate and Conil de la Frontera at the Costa de la Luz. The nicest beaches of Andalusia can be found in this... view
Chiclana La Barrosa
Chiclana is a city in Andalusia on the Costa de la Luz.  This region has experienced within the past 10 years a remarkable touristic boom and today Chiclana represents one of... view
Medina-Sidonia is a city and municipality in the province of Cádiz in the south of Andalusia in Spain.  It is considered by some to be the oldest city in Europe which was... view
El Palmar
The beautiful beach of El Palmar is situated 65km from Tarifa in directionCadiz on the Costa de la Luz. The village is very small. Apart from some restaurants and holiday... view
Zahara de los Atunes
Zahara de los Atunes is situated 1km from Atlanterra in the province of Cadiz and offers great touristicaccommodations on one of the nicest beaches of the coast. The area... view
Sanlucar de Barrameda
The small Andalusian town of Sanlucar de Barrameda is located on the Costa de la Luz, where the Guadalquivir River meets the Atlantic ocean. On the other side of the river is the Doñana... view