All about pubs and bars in El Puerto de Santa Maria with reviews

Recommendations for nightlife in El Puerto de Santa Maria


The nightlife in El Puerto de Santa Maria is certainly one of the most exiting ones along the Costa de la Luz. From the typical small local bar to american style concert halls, you'll find it all in El Puerto de Santa Maria.
The town is not too small to create good ambience for going out all year long. Many young people from Cadiz prefer to go out in El Puerto de Santa Maria especially at the weekends.

The majority of nightlife spots are situated near the Parque Calderon. A good place to begin the night after dinner. has prepared a list of recommendable bars and pubs in El Puerto de Santa Maria
Rodeo - Café and Drinks
c/ Curva, 10
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
A great bar in El Puerto! They have a mechanical bull, dart boards and pool tables, always playing party music. 
A playground for adults.
La Reconquista
c/ Ribera del Río
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
  A journey through time. Arabic style decoration. Chill out music, relaxed ambience. Meeting point for those who want to enjoy a quiet place. Prices for drinks are quite economic.
Cafetería-Beer bar La Herrería
Plaza de la Herrería, 2 
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
  Bar in the center (next to Parque Calderón) with food and drinks all night long. A place of tradition to strengthen you during your big night out.
c/ Palacios 
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
  Western bar with great decoration (cowboys, indians, etc.). Not very big, but always with good vibes. Most of the played music is Spanish rock and pop.
El Barsito
c/ Jesús de los Milagros, 9
11500 El Puerto de santa Maria
Alternative bar with a simple design, but also with an interesting scenery of visitors. Quite cheap and mostly busy in the early nights.
Alternative music, live concerts and DJs.
Divino Cielo
c/ Palacios, 5
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
  Bar with spectacular decoration - heaven and hell! Spacious, 2 bars, dance floor, games, one day per week with karaoke. Good service and positive vibes. Drink, chat and dance!
Cafe Blanco and Negro
c/ Ricardo Alcón, 10
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
Popular Cocktail bar with good pricing in the center of El Puerto de Santa Maria, with artsy ambience (art exhibitions and sculptures which you can buy). 
Avda. Bajamar, 10
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
Jazz bar with a busy concert schedule all year long.
Enjoy great music in a rustic ambience.
A great mix of people and musical performances.
El Patio Alemán
c/ Jesús de los Milagros, 33 
11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria
Beer bar with an infinite offer of beers from all over the world, especially from Germany. Large groups will find an adequate place here for a few early hours in the night.


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