„Feria del Vino Fino“ - this is the principal festival is the Feria de Primavera

Map, photos, images and videos of the Spring Fair and the Fino Wine Festival


The most important festivity held in El Puerto de Santa Maria each year is the Spring Fair and Fino Wine Festival. What originally started off as a cattle fair has developed over time into a typical Andalusian “Feria”, with all the unique atmosphere offered by these traditional annual fairs, celebrated in many towns and villages throughout Andalusia.

If you are planning to visit El Puerto during this period make sure you don’t miss the Spring Fair. It’s a unique event which gives you the chance to participate in one of the most enjoyable aspects of Andalusian culture
An exuberant scene to delight the senses awaits you. Girls and women proudly wear their traditional flamenco dresses in bright colours and polka dots. Men in riding outfits with high-waisted trousers and wide rimmed hats, saunter around the fair on beautiful horses, decked out in their finest ribbons. 

Delicious food of the region is served, and it goes without saying that there is no shortage of Fino wine or sherry, this being a town on the famous “Wine Route”. Eat, drink, dance Sevillanas till dawn and revel in the joyful atmosphere of this amazing celebration. 
This year the fair is dedicated to the Portuguese city Porto.
Where?    The Spring Fair in El Puerto de Santa María is held at Las Banderas Feria Ground located on the outskirts of the city, on the road to Sanlúcar.
When?   In spring, after Semana Santa (Holy Week). It usually starts on the last Wednesday in April, just after Seville’s Fair. It lasts 5 days (and nights).

Performances at the Spring Fair in El Puerto de Santa María

The itinery of the Spring Fair follows a long tradition, and features many interesting events. GoElPuerto.com gives you a rundown of the highlights.
Testing the lights   At 10pm on the night before the start of the fair, the lights are tested. Each year the honour of switching the lights on goes to the person from the city to which the fair is dedicated (this year Porto in Portugal), who has lived longest in El Puerto.
Official inauguration  
Flags are erected during the official inauguration of the Spring Fair. While a choir sings regional songs, the mayor raises the flag of El Puerto and the flag of the region to which the fair is dedicated; the Spanish flag is raised by the admiral of the naval base at Rota; and the Andalusian flag is raised by a member of the Cadiz local government.
Horse competition   The horse contest is usually held on the first day on the fair, with the most attractive horse being chosen. Horses and their riders are decked out in beautiful, traditional adornments. Over the course of the fair several horse processions and equestrian shows are held.
Harness competition  
Enjoy a display of the most beautifully decorated harness. This contest is to decide on the most attractive carriage.
Dressage and Handling competition   A distinction is made between classical handling or dressage, and cattle handling. Dressage teaches the horse to obey the orders of the rider with harmonic movements with which the horse appears to dance. Cattle handling is a different discipline whereby the horse and rider must display the skills needed for working with cattle.
Caseta competition  
Casetas are the various tents or huts at the fair where people eat, drink and dance. The deciding factor in this contest is the decoration of the interiors and exteriors of the casetas.
The end of the Fair   The Spring Fair of El Puerto de Santa María culminates in a firework display. The fuse is lit by the same person who turned on the lights to inaugurate the fair.



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